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Software for the Gear Manufacturer

‘GCP2’ Ash Gear’s own gear calculation software.
GCP2 calculates for both normal and transverse planes.
Developed by Scott Atkinson.
Contact for more information.
  7 program package
  Calculate T.I.F and roll angles using your existing tooling
  Calculate root produced when tooth thickness is achieved
  Base tooth thickness
  Measure / calculate by base pitch

Figure gear dimensions

  Use span measurements
  Span measurements.
  Change wire size
  Check for internal trimming
  Apex of gear Operating pitch and pressure angles

Tool Point width for racks, worms & str. sided splines

Plus other applications related to gear manufacturing offered by
Ash Gear and CommunityPC. A valuable resource for gear manufacturers.
Contact Bill Simpson, for more information.
  CPC-UNI UNITOOL® Software for No 16, 116, 106, 108, & 118 Spiral Bevel generators
  CPC-HYP Software For Gleason® Nos. 16, 26, and 116 Spiral Bevel Generators
  CPC-24 Software for Nos. 12, 14, & 24 Straight Bevel generators
  CPC-2A/102 Software for 2A & 102 Coniflex straight bevel generators
  CPC-BV4 Software for Nos. 104 & 114 Straight bevel generators
  CPC-26 Software for No. 26 Spiral bevel generator
  CPC-BV1 Software for Nos. 16, 7, and 7A Spiral bevel generators
  CPC-HOB Software for all gear hobbing machines
  CPC-TMILL Software for all thread milling machines
  CPC-RATIO Software for any machine requiring change gears
  ...and many more resources related to gears and gear machines