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Ash Gear and Supply
Rental Program keeps costs down!

If you have to keep tool costs down,
Ash Gear's huge rental stock
will meet your needs.

Rent tools from most any area of our stock.

Rental Policy

  Customers are responsible for returning the tool within 20 days. Tools held longer than 30 days will result in additional charge of 20% for every 10 day increment, (i.e. A $75.00 rental held from 31 to 40 days would be $75.00 plus $15.00 = $90.00)
  Customers are responsible for excessive use. Rentals are offered for that occasional small job when you only have a few pieces to cut, NOT for production. You may sharpen the tool to finish your job, you are allowed 10% of the original tool life per rental - if you exceed 10% you will be charged accordingly.
  Customers are responsible for broken or damaged tools. Any tool that is broken or damaged becomes your tool at current face value.
  "COD" customers - Pay COD for the current face value of the tool at the time of delivery. Upon return to Ash Gear - we will inspect, and authorize our Accounts Payable to refund the difference in charges. This process takes 10 to 14 days.
  Customers are responsible for all shipping charges and any applicable taxes.
  If you decide that you wish to purchase the "rental" tool - simply notify our Accounts Receivable department for charges.
  If you do not return the tool within 60 days - the tool becomes your property at the Face Value shown on the invoice.
  Tools returned "unused" after 10 days will still incur a rental fee.
The rental time cannot exceed 60 days